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VR Brain 6 Core : Prototype ready , only 5 grams , first flight test (Check Video inside) support APM , Cleanflight and Libre Pilot (WIP) firmware.

These are the first two ready to flight prototype picture of VR Brain Core .

Are available for OEM and Beta tester different configuration of board with STM32F4 or F7 and with some additional connector like USB / SD Card or without connector that normally are available on custom distribution board.

Actually we are working at the first custrom distribution board for our VR Wasp , the ultra light complete drone compliant to under 300 gr drone for urban enviroment .

This is a picture with comparison between VR Brain 5 , VR Brain Core 6 and VR uBrain 5 as you can see the design of the core is adapt for fast protyping and for simple integration inside custom design.

For check the new VR Core 6 on air we decide to use this simple frame in 5 minutes we replace the VR uBrain and test the new board . 

In the video you can see the result of first flight ... It's impressive :) 

All the APM firmwware normally available for VR Brain 5 : Copter, Standard Hely , Plane , Rover , Boat it's available for VR Core. 

Here will be more information about the new OEM board :

For VR Core there is a porting of Cleanflight by TommyLeo

We are discussing with Alessio Morale one of the founder of Libre Pilot project for support it inside his project.

I hope that you like this new design. It's not a replace of vrbrain and vrubrain but it's for OEM and special custom design where the integration is the must .

The board is only 5 grams 

for more info contact me at : 


Roberto Navoni

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