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VR PAD Station 2.0.3 available for beta testing on APM , PIXHAWK and VRBRAIN now support android smartphone.

At Google Community Group for manage the beta testing of VR Pad Station continue to join new member  this is the link :

This is the official Virtual Robotix Discussion group about VR PAD Station 2.0.3 :

We upload the last revision of  VR PAD Station 2.0.3 . We integrated the mavlink 1.0 telemetry function with original Virtual RC project so now is possible to use VR PAD Station as tools for :

  • Receive telemetry from drone.
  • Setting Parameter .
  • Change Flight Mode.
  • Set waypoint.
  • Send direct command as Return to Landing point , Land or Guided mode.
  • Virtual Remote control with a lot of advanced feature for setup the radio stick . (use virtual stick only with in simulation mode it's a beta for evaluation) 

In the new revision 2.0.3 is available

  • A new info bar with a lot of usefull information battery level , gps status , active mode .
  • A new follow me standard mode .
  • Only one connection for different application.
  • Parameter setup for gimbal.
  • New configuration option pannel .
  • New advanced user interface compatible not only with PAD but also with Smartphone android device.
  • A early revision of VR Glass Station a special revision that work on Google Glass device.

We are work in progress with some advanced features as Special follow me mode , Fligh log book and VR Gimbal integration.

The App is compatible with APM Copter , Plane and Rover.

Inside the community could be possible discuss directly with developer about the new request feature .

After join the community could be possible download the APK in a special section of  google play

This is the direct link to google play store beta registration:

This is the direct link to google store :

Feedback about our application are welcome ... :) In the next week we intend improve a lot the application with new feature under development.



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