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We have just released the latest APM:Copter 3.2 firmware also for VRBRAIN 4 and VRBRAIN 4.5 boards.

You can follow the instructions on this page:

If you own a VRBRAIN 4.5 you can also take advantage of the new 3.2 with NuttX operating system. You just need to purchase or build a micro SD card reader to plug into your VRBRAIN.

You can purchase the expansion board here or you can build yourself one following this blog post:

Enjoy and fly safe!


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Hello Emile

I have a problem with my card: I can't update it on 3.2

My card is VR Brain 4.5 without SD card reader, my old firmware is "3.1.17 hexa ext GPS ext compass"

I followed the instruction as this:

  1. I Download and Install the drivers for the VRBRAIN boards from
  2. I unplug the boot jumper and I upload the bootloader file I just downloaded (vrbrainv40_bl.dfu) with the DfuSe Demonstration utility 3.0.4
  3. I plug the boot jumper, I Attach the USB and I will notice yellow led blinking fast.
  4. I open Mission Planner, go to “INITIAL SETUP” –> Install Firmware–> Load Custom Firmware
  5. I Choose the file I have just downloaded "ArduCopter-vrbrain-v40-hexa.vrx" and click “OK”
  6. a Message box appear, I follow the instructions: disconnect the board from USB, click OK and then reconnect the board.
  7. At this point, mission plaaner don't recognize the board....

Can'you help me please ??

I redone the procedure any time and it's always the same: bord not recognize...

Hello Pascal,

Card is VRBrain 4.5, BootLoader is vrbrain45_bl.dfu.

To upload .dfu file use Dfuse Demonstration and do not forget to remove the dfu jumper, then when it is done you can update your firmware with APM Mission Planner (you will have to jump number 9 plug -signal and ground - on the input rail (close to the telemetry plug)).


Link for how to is there

Jump on plug number 9 is no more in the doc? 



Are you sure ??

My board is VRBrain 4.5 without SD card reader.

The procedure you describe is for 4.5 NuttX ros with SD card reader

Thanks for your response

I used it on my VRBrain 4.5 without card reader (only data flash is missing), then upgraded later with a SD card reader when an user published a hack with SD card adapter.


Correct, if you don't have SD card and want logs you need to upload 4.0 dfu.

We allow booting of program on Nuttx (4.5 bootloader) even without SD card.

But probably in the near future we will block start of ardupilot program as Pixhawk is doing.

This will ensure that if we need to give support we have logs.


Hello, be sure the board is correctly identified in Windows as VRBRAIN. 

If you are using win 8, you need to disable signature check for driver install.

If you use Win7 you should have no problems.

To do this open device manager and check which COM+ is attached to.

The Description of the COM port should be VRBrain.

Then in Mission Planner before clicking on the firmware update page select the com port you have just checked in device manager.

The first time is not necessary to disconnect the board, just try and click OK when prompted.


ok, thanks for yours responses.

I will test this asaps, because since yesterday, my PC is out of service... :(

best regards


I tried the new 3.2 firmware on my VrBRain 4.5 without sd card reader and it works great.

I made the autotune process and activated the EKF function with the Emile's correction on the baro.

Pos hold is very impressive.



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