MP32F* with CMUcam4 = cool project :)

Hello Everyone

i am thinking on cool project
my project is UAV/FPV with tracking system that's can track a car or a man
so ,, can i do that with
MP32F1/F4 or VR BRAIN.V4 connected to CMUcam4 ( simple vision capabilities to small-embedded systems )

do you think this is possible
how can i do that



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  • Hi G.K.

    So with a VR Brain is possible to develop an autonomous drone . Now is available firmware for Multicopter in future will be available also for airplane , rover and boat. We are  working on this revision of code.

    So now i check CMUCAM but i think that is a entry level systems for vision project normally in research project use more advanced technology based on ROS  (Robot Operating Systems) with library as SLAM.

    We are working on add on for VR Brain that support linux and some advanced algoritm it's VR Neuron.


    Roberto Navoni

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