Oilpan not putting MP32 into run mode

With the Oilpan connected, the MP32 is not going into run mode. Boot_0 (JP11-5) is staying high. Without the Oilpan installed (jumper between JP11-5 and JP11-6) the test program works and I am able to see data on usart.


Have I missed something obvious. This is a new Oilpan for a newbie.




Jim T

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  • 70865706?profile=originalIn this picture you can see the position of jumber :)



    • Will do. Thanks again. I have another question, but will start a different thread.


      Jim T


  • HI Jim,

    i'm out for meeting today , so i saw that you had a problem with bootloader but you solve .. :) Perfect , thank you to Spartacus that help you:)

    So you need to do a small update to Oilpan .. you can shortcut the gnd pin near JP11-5 on Oilpan , so when you put the OilPan on MP32 the program start automatically .. or better put on that header a jumper so you can connect or  disconnect jumper when you want update firmware . So if you choose to use Jtag for upload program is better that you shortcut the pin , in you prefer to continue to use serial is better to put a jumper on two pin. When will be available the bootloader by usb or you use jtag the oilpan pin will be shortcut.



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