I have a VR Brain 4.5 equiped with external compass on a DJI F550 hexa.

It fly very well with firmware 3.1.14 on these modes: stabilize, loiter, alt hold , circle, auto and RTL.

But I would like to replace loiter in my list of modes by hybrid loiter, after testing it.

Which firmware I have to use to fly in hybrid loiter mode with an external compass ?

Thank you


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  • I have uploaded a new firmware version in the wordpress site http://vrbrain.wordpress.com/download/version-3-0/

    You will have to download Mission Planner 1.3.1 which has Hybrid Loiter as a flight mode, or you can set it via Full parameters list with number 16 (and not 14 as it was before this release).

    Have fun!


    • Hi Emile

      I have a problem with 3.1.16 and 3.1.15:

      When I connect the card to my PC after upgrading in 3.1.16 (VRBRAIN_3.1.16_HEXA-INT_GPS-EXT_COMP.dfu), the 3 led (red, yellow and green) are fix after few second and I can't connect to mission planer 1.3.1

      When I downgrade in 3.1.15 or 3.1.14, evething is OK, the 3 led blink and I can connect to MP 1.3.1

      But when I am in 3.1.15 (VRBRAIN_3.1.15_HYBRID_HEXA_INTGPS.dfu) , my external compass is totaly wrong

      When I am in 3.1.14 (VRBRAIN_3.1.14_HEXA_INTGPS_EXT-COMP.dfu), everything is OK....

      But, I can't used Hybrid mode...

    • Thank's Emile

      I will dowload this as soon as possible.

      Best regards


  • I need to upload a new version for external compass.

    Please be patient until tomorrw as I will release the official 3.1.16 with hybrid loiter, and sbus support.


    • Hi Roberto and Emile.

      Thanks for your responses.

      Best regards

  • Hi Pascal 

    you need to use 


    rev 3.1.15 with hybrid loiter . Today i fly it all the day without problem ... it work very well :)

    Enjoy with it .



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