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To all VRBRAIN users, we have just published version 3.2 of the APM:Copter firmware.

You can install the firmware using Mission Planner "Initial setup-->install firmware and selecting the 3.1.5 version in the main window.

Unitl the official 3.2 release we are still bound to use the old 3.1.5 link in Mission planner.

Please report any problems you encounter durin the upgrade procedure.

Have fun and fly safe.


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After official release of 3.2, Mission planner now show correct version also for VRBRAIN and VRuBRAIN users.

So now in Install Firmware 3.2 is the correct version you will download when pressing the 3.2 icon.

Have fun!


Great news. Will you be releasing v3.2 of APM:Plane as well?

Yes it's on it's way.

I'll notice it when it will be available.


Great, thank you Emile.



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