Dear Friends,

when i start the project of vrbain i decide to improve the board and reduce the size so if MP32F4 v3 is good for a standard copter  frame . VRBrain is better on small copter but also on gimbal.

Yesterday i start an interesting discussion about the next gen gimbal control available on the market as Zenmuse or PhotoHigher electronic.

We doing a small operation of retro eng and found a good approach on this kind of controller .

So the idea is to substitude the potentiometer of gimbal as AV200 with the IMU.

So VRBrain can generate a right signal for control the poti of servo and servo going exactly in right position ...  The important is that the imu is mounted in right position .  And the angle read by imu is right and trasform it in same signal eventually produced by a potentiometer .

Some one are interesting to share this approach with me ? I need Gimbal for doing test :) In the next week will be available some prototype of VRBrain for start the test.



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  • Sounds interesting!
  • Very interested in this system, is this the offcial VR brain thread 

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