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Dear Friends,

today i'm starting to doing the test of Quadfox v3 GPS . I check the functionality of GPS and Magnetometer during the navigation . I happy of my results . I put on my car my quad and going around the city. For doing thist test I start to evaluate the status of our advanced 3D Groundstation developed of my company Laser Navigation srl for professional application. Our company is available for develop some customization of our technology for different kind of application on air , on land or underwater.

The functionality of 3D Navigator Ground Station are :

  • TCP/IP Architecture.
  • Realtime telemetry view.
  • Simulation and Replay log view.
  • 3D Gis Engine for visualization of terrain , veichle , waypoint , live video and 3D Landmarks.
  • Continuos mapping feature.
  • Visualization of flight instruments , realtime data of Multipilot HDR Imu : ACC , GYRO , Magnetometer , GPS
  • Realtime control of payload , using Joystick or inertial 3d device as Iphone / Ipad.
  • OSD for realtime video recording with different kind of page : for eng. , Pilot , Payload ecc.

We can develop driver for implement different kind of device , sensor , payload ecc . 3D Engine is developed in our company the project was started in 2001 .

for more info :

company url :


Roberto Navoni

CEO Laser Navigation srl

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Quadfox v3 GPS ready to flight

Hello everyone,
quadfox v3 is ready to be tested for integration with the magnetometer and GPS functions . This is my first prototype configuration. In the coming days I will start to conduct the tests. The reference code is:

Thanks to all Arducopter DEV TEAM members.

The components are :
  • Arducopter MP rev. 3
  • Multipilot 1.0A
  • 3 Gyro ADXLrs 610
  • BL-CTR 20 AMP i2c
  • reciver graupner 1 wire PPM modificata.
  • Diydrones Magnetometer HMC5843 con level shifter 3.3 volt 5 volt
  • GPS Skytrack 65 Channel 10 HZ
  • Sonar range until 6 metri.
  • Barometer 20 cm until 1500 m .
  • GoProHD Full HD CAMERA

  • Xbeepro 2.4 Ghz
  • Standard FOX Fiber Carbon Frame without enclosure and landing gear for testing.

for more info contact me to skype contatcs : virtualrobotix
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My first Aeroquad project


I'm working on my first quad.

My project is based on Aeroquad software with some changes :

- Arduino Mega board
- Sensor board is a Sparkfun 9DOF
- Integrated SD logger (blackbox)
- Venus GPS
- Lipo cell monitor
- GPRS telemetry

Frame is :
- 50 cm motor to motor (diagonal)
- brushless motor KD 2213-22T 17A 924Kv
- APC 10x4.7 propellers
- Spektrum 6 channels RC
- Weigth is 1.4Kg

Main idea is to move all sensors calculation to 9DOF board and use main Arduino cpu to perform other tasks.

Yesterday i did my first flight. I've changed Aeroquad source code to read raw sensor data from 9DOF on serial connection. It seems ok, i made many tests with Aeroquad configurator and it works.

Problem is : i'm not able to leave ground because quad flip over at 10cm from ground :(
Ok, i'm a RC newbie but i suspect something in wrong in configuration or software.

I'm just looking for help to make my first, quite stable, fligth and if possible, to compare my Aeroquad configurator data with a working (your) one.

I noticed a problem : in stable mode, with quad on my desk and throttle command only (50%) motors command in not equal on 4 motors but it's different. Is it strange, no ?

Please see attached screenshot of Aeroquad.

Many thanks to anyone who help me :)

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QuadFox Stable mode outdoor test

In this video is possible to see the incredible stability of DCM V3 developed by Jose Julio a member of Arducopter DEVTEAMIn this video I enjoyed playing with my QuadFox. Tell me your impressions. I ported this algorithm and the original code of Arducopter multipilot
hardware and controllers i2c hardware as well as original APM impressive
results in terms of stability in this video you can see how the
aircraft is stable and easily implementable
with automatic flight control systems, GPS, magnetometer, sonar and so on.
Congratulations to Jose and all members of the DevTeam. I am proud to help develop Arducopter project:) Thanks Chris for this opportunity and Jani:)
Regards Roberto
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QuadFox Stable mode test

This evening i finish to implement the code QuadFox on multipilot this is the first flight test. This code is a porting of Arducopter on my Multipilot board . The different respect of original project is I2C ESC , Mixertable that support Quad , Hexa , Okto , 20 Mhz of clock cpu instead of 16 Mhz and 1 wire RC input compatible wit jeti radio and Robbe - Futaba receiver 2.4 ghz. Other advanced feature is Multi Processor architecture for sonar, gps, magnetometer and ir sensor.

Check the stable mode at minute 4.20 :)

Great Job Arducopter DevCore Team ;) Next Step i would test GPS Hold .... Jose your new revision of DCM v3 ... work fine .. great job Jose ...
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Heavy tricopter

Together with a friend would like to build a heavy tricopter. We plan on using motors giving 6 kg thrust each. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?ThanksPerry
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