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During this holidays i finish the port of HIL functionality on Multipilot32 .

On the picture you can see my hil configuration :


FOX 5 Frame.

Serial interconnection with my PC

On the Pc there is Mission planner rev 1.1.18 and AerosimRC or Xplane.

This is the first video tutorial of first flight this revision is in Italian , but is simple to understand what i'm doing .. i hope to have some times for recording an Eng. revision , or if a member of our community would doing his video is welcome :)

I use Camtasia to video screen capture . It work fine and not change performance of simulator.

The code is available on repo this is the direct link :

This revision of code is the ACopter 2.1.1r7 derived from 8 bit revision Arducopter 2.1.1r7

Enjoy with your MP32 and Happy New Year :)



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With the new fast prototyping tecnology is possible  to develop new technology from the concept to reality . With high performance DIY electronics and 3D Design tools today is possible to obtain this kind of result.

This is our experience :

We use some 3D Pro as EdgeWorks or Solidworks and Opensource Tools as Bleender for design the frame.


70875215?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024After design we send our advanced project to a fast prototyping company as Shapeways

Then After some weeks is possible to recive the Frame .

After I put all the electronic inside the new frame I'm ready to doing the first flight the result of first experience was great , in only two hours we put all electronic inside the frame  in the next days i would doing also some outdoor flight and put in front of quad a Gopro HD 2 cam for FPV :

The next step will be review of the original project with some upgrade as :

less material for have less price and less weight.

At the moment the weight is around 360 gr is yet good.

In order  to fly with:

  • Multipilot32+NAVI FULL the frame is compatibile also with APM+OILPAN
  • 4 Keda 20-22 Motors.
  • 4 Hobbywing 30 A
  • 4 10 '' propeller.
  • a 3S 4500 ma lipo

around 1250 gr

The main upgrade in our mind is more space for 10 '' propeller originally was developed only for 8 '' prop

possibility to change the tail if one broke. Better design for open and close cover on top of quad.

If you have other suggestions are welcome.

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