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This is the final configuration of VR Tiger Shark X8  RTF  :


VR Brain is the Autopilot board used in Tiger Shark.

VR Gimbal is the Brishless gimbal controller used in Easy Shot Gimbal .


Between Tiger Shark and Easy shot we put a special anti vibration system that cut vibration from drone frame to gimbal. After a lot of work for setup it work very well :)


The frame configuration is X8 coaxial configuration we choose to use this configuration because is possible continue to fly also without two propeller if the payload is not so heavy .


The Payload for camera is near 1 kg . With a 10 Amp 4S battery we are near 15 min of fight.


This is a last fly test doing by Emile with Tiger Shark and Easy Shot Gimbal.

The fly test is doing with last revision of APM Copter available on our repository :


The Fly of drone is very smoth and automatic functionality as loiter are solid as rock.










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Yesterday I had a few tests with our Tiger Shark in Octa Quad configuration.

The tests were made to see how the copter would cope the loss of one or two propellers.


Obviously the test was in a ideal condition where the propeller just loosens and falls off the Octo.

The test was done by removing first 1 propeller, then two propellers spinning in opposite and same direction.


Without 1 propeller the copter flew as it had all the propellers. There was no feeling of something wrong. It took off and landed easily.


Taking off two propellers spinning in the same direction (lower front left and lower back right) resulted in a copter that in take-off yawed a little. Once the I term build up, it was perfectly straight. It was a little unstable due to the fact that two arms were "stronger" than the others, but generally it was perfectly stable even with some wind.


Taking off two propellers spinning in same direction (lower front left and right) resulted in a copter trying to move forward with quite a pace. I took a little pitch back to keep it still, but the overall stability was amazing.....


X8 will not take the loss of two propellers on the same arm, that would result in a crash, unless the recent algorithm gets published and then implemented in ACM code. :)


The code is based on APM:Copter 3.1.2 but runs on VRBRAIN.

Propellers are 13x5 T-motors on the upper and Graupner 13x8 on the lower.

Motors are 3508-700KV with 10Ah 4S battery.

Total weight was about 3.0 Kg.


Thanks to for the frame and the electronics, and thanks to the APM:Copter dev team that allowed us to fork and use their code, that is progressing fastest than speed light!






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Today i create a Google Community Group for manage the beta testing of VR Pad Station this is the link :

This is the official Virtual Robotix Discussion group about VR PAD Station 2.0 :

We upload the last revision of VR radio RC . The new name is VR PAD Station 2.0 . We integrated the mavlink 1.0 telemetry function with original Virtual RC project so now is possible to use VR PAD Station as tools for :

  • Receive telemetry from drone.
  • Setting Parameter .
  • Change Flight Mode.
  • Set waypoint.
  • Send direct command as Return to Landing point , Land or Guided mode.
  • Virtual Remote control with a lot of advanced feature for setup the radio stick

We are work in progress with some advanced feature as Special Follow me mode , Fligh log book and VR Gimbal integration.

The App is compatible with APM Copter , Plane and Rover.

Inside the community could be possible discuss directly with developer about the new request feature .

After join the community could be possible download the APK in a special section of  google play

This is the direct link to google play store beta registration:

If you yet register in the community appear this message .... 


If your registration accepted you can download the beta testing of our application :)



Feedback about our application are welcome ... :) In the next week we intend improve a lot the application with new feature under development.



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This is last Update on VRGimbal project , in first video you can see a big Handy Gimbal configuration from our customer 
- In the video you can see the Pitch , Roll and yaw smooth compensation .
- Control by Joystick.
- Follow frame on YAW.
In second video there is an another great example of test doing by Robert on his Hely class 600 controlled by VR Gimbal:
comment by Robert :
Here's a quite test video from last weekend.  The results are not perfect, but there was a fair breeze blowing (about 20-30 km/h) and it was in Loiter which we all know can be quite busy. You can actually see the landing gear in the frame towards the end of the video which gives you some indication of just what the gimbal had to deal with.  Overall, I think this is pretty decent so far.  Main goal now is to work on better stability of the helicopter and reducing Loiter "busy-ness".
Now start to work on Mavlink integration , the board work fine on small gopro 2 axis configuration but also on big Gimbal configuration as in the video.
Before to end of this month will be also available the control gui on Android Pad.
here are available more techincal detail :
With last gui and firmware update.
The VR Gimbal is compatible with
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Dear Friends,

i'm happy to present the first Fly of VRI Black Ops Drones ...


See first video ... 


After one year of development and a lot of pre serie prototype i'm happy to present the final revision of Black Ops Drone. 

It's fly very well in this configuration it use  :

VRBRain 4.5 Advanced Edition .

Special custom Distribution Board developed for this design.

- 4 Esc 30 AMP 

- T-Motors 3508 .

- 12 Inch T-Motor propeller .

- 433 Telemetry data module

- Ublox GPS + Magnetometer 


We fly it in stabilize and gps based functionality as loiter  , alt hold , rtl and all work very well :) 


What do you think about the new Drones from Virtualrobotix  ... It's Sexy :)

more info available here  :



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