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Dear Friends,

I'm happy to share wit you last updates about our cubesat project. The great news is that we adopted ChibiOS operating system and start to develop a flight attitude estimation and control for Cubesat based on ardupilot projects. The other challenge are about the telemetry control system and payload managment.

If some guys in the network are working already on cubesat project or would like to join us in these great project are welcome :) 

The main iusse respect of drone development is that is not so simple simulate the flight of cubesat on the earth so we are working also on HIL system for try to simulate what happen in the space . The idea is to add to VR Brain Space  the hardware and software compatible with ardupilot project for control a Cubesat in the space . 

Hope that you like our projects and join in these great new challenge.

More detail about the project are here :



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After a few months without important hardware news on our glorious VR Brain 5 Autopilot, here we finally arrived at the moment of truth after almost 10 years since the first VR 8-bit Brain, the Multipilot was the name of our first autopilot , today here is the first  X Brain  power on , a monster of power with so much potential to explore, thanks to the new firmware Ardupilot that has made giant steps compared to the early code versions.

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