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Dear Friends,

in this video you can see my last Payload Test on this Heavy Lift Hexa Coax configuration.


The VR Dragon build list :

Multipilot32 :


ESC Motorius 50 Amp :

Motors Pulso x6

Propeller x6

Frame Carbon Fiber by Fly Cam Italy.

4 Milk bottle with inside water , 1 bottle 1 kg of water.


The firmware is a custom revision of ArdupiratesNG32 , in the next week start to check the ACM 2.0.38 on MP32 all is ready for doing some flying test .

Here you can found the revision of code :

The next step will be fly with a professional gimbal. With 3 kg of payload whe can put on board a good camera , lens , gimbal ecc ecc.

Do you like my last creation :)




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Sintesi delle guide per il Quadricotero

Ecco il riassunto di tutte le guide per mettere in volo un Quadricotero in configurazione standard :

Here is a guide to setup a Quadrocopter in standard configuration :

Volo X o +   *** Flight mode X or +
Multipilot 32 *** Multipilot 32
OilPan *** OilPan
Ricevente standard *****  Standard RX
Esc PWM  ****   PWM Speed controllers
Magnetometro Diydrones   ****   Diydrones Compass
Gps Mtek Firmware 1.6  ****   GPS Mtek Firmware




Guidaglobale.doc  (Italiano)

GuidaglobaleEng.doc (English) V.1.01

GuidegénéralFR.docx (Français)

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Guida Configurazione Mp32 + OilPan

Ciao a tutti !

Ecco una guida per semplificare le modifiche del codice contenuto nella versione :

vrobotix-ide-0.0.4 (1-06-11).rar  del repository.

E stato fatto per l'utente principiante che usa :


Quadricottero volo in X o in +


-Multipilot 32

-IMU OilPan

-GPS Mtek 1.6

-Magnetometro della Diydrone

-Una ricevente tradizionale 2,4ghz o altro  però NON Jeti e PPM SUM


Non esitare a chiedere o modificare se ci sono errori .

Sperando aiutarvi.

P.S Roby, correggi se non è giusto. Grazie


OiPanMp32mododuso.doc (versione 1.02)

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Hexafox32 Backstage in a Italian Church

Hello Guys,
public a little video of backstage, just to give you an idea of the potential of platform ...

The video board is so original as they are recorded by the camera are not post processed,I consider the quality  pretty good the light in the environment was poor.
The configuration of Heaxfox32 was:

     6 Engine 2212 with regulators 30A
     Stabilized Gimbal Pitch and Roll of
     5.4 GHz Video TX
     HD onboard camera SD90
     Full Carbon Frame by Bercelli Labs

A greeting and the next video.



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Dear Friends,

in these day i continue to investigate the better way to develop good video with Hexafox32 platform.

I add the managment of gimbal on code and doing a video , then i put the result in stabilization software in this video on the left is possible to see the hardware stabilization (some times you see the front tail move on video ) and on the right the software optimization doing in post processing.

What do you think about my results , this video is doing with GoProHD , but i doing also other video with a compact camcoder Panasonic SD90. I'm also working on VR Dragon with MP32 on board with professional gimbal stabilization for manage Canon EOS 7D or my 600D



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Dear Friends,

this is the OnBoard Video during the flight test of HexaFox32:

Drone Configuration :

CPU : MP32


Radio : Jeti with PPM SUM 1 wire 12 channel.

ESC : HobbyWing 30A Pentium

Propeller : 10x4.5

CAM : Go Pro HD connected directoly above on battery support

Firmware : ArduPirates NG32 + MixerTable for HexFlight .

TX Video : 1.2 Ghz 200 mwatt pal video trasmitter tested until 340 m work fine.

Snapshot Source code for Hexa Radial :


I'm working on this configuration for develop affodable platform for FPV and Aerial Video and Picture , this is minor Brother of VR Dragon. The next step test the Gimbal with my custom stabilization code.



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In these years we're doing a lot of experience to develop , electronic board , frame , esc , imu .

The last products was dev product only for hobbist .. now we decide to join force with other partner and start to work on professional platform , improve it and put all our experience in drone used for professional application. The first product is VR Dragon Y6 . This is a Hexa Coax developed by my friends Antonio CEO of FlyCam Italy that ask me to improve his original idea. This platform can support a heavy lift payload , you can put on it professional HD cam and fly for more of 15 minutes , with the coax conf is possible to lost a propeller and landing without big problem. For develop this kind of product we develop professional custom electronic board , firmware frame and  gimbal , this product will be optimize during the professional service doing for filmaker service.

For more info contact :



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Dear Friends,
in these days i'm starting to test a lot of configuration using MP32 + VRIMU and Ardcuopter NG 32 and Arducopter32 2.0 .

The main problem is to set PID , in my revision of code i add Mixertable for fast Setup of different configuration.
In this video you can see my Heavy Lift Configuration ... we are working on complete RTF Hexa that include professional Gimbal with Pitch Roll and YAW stabilization.

What do you think about our last creation ? :) This is only the begin ...


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DIY HexaCoax by Daniele A.

Ciao a tutti,
ieri abbiamo collaudato e fatto volare l'hexa coax di Daniele, una bella realizzazione in aluminio . Il video e' del primo volo e Daniele stava prenderndo familiarita' con il mezzo.
Di solito pilota riproduzioni aeree  , ma si e' trovato subito a suoi agio con il suo nuvo drone , bisogna ancora lavorare sui PID , specialmente sullo YAW ancora un po' molle.

I componenti sono :
Firmware : Arducopter32 NG
Scheda CPU : Multipilot32
Scheda IMU : VRIMU
Regolatori Motorius 30 A
Motori Motorius 2217

Lo snapshot del codice utilizzato e' questo :

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Dear Friends,

X-Copter First test...... from StefanoXJX on Vimeo.

XCOPTER - Second flight test from StefanoXJX on Vimeo.

In these video you can see the results of first flying doing by Stefano that is a member of our community . He use MP32 + VRIMU , congratulation for this flight . This is the first example of Radial Hexacopter , this is only the first test but the results is very good :)


in questi video si vedono i risultati dei primi voli di Stefano con Multipilot32 + VRIMU , complimenti per questo volo anche perche' e' la prima realizzazione di un Hexacottero radiale , sono i primi test , ma se il buongiorno si vede dal mattino siamo a cavallo smile.gif


Motori Keda 20-22L
Eliche APC 10×4.7
Regolatori HobbyWing Pentium 30A
Stable mode : Active
Magnetometer : Deactive

Bravo Stefano



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70869986?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Dear Friends,

in last month we working on Multipilot32 platform , we develop library and porting ArdupiratesNG and Ardcuopter 2.0 firmware on this Arm Platform. It's compatible with standard Diydrones accessories ; Oilpan , Magnetometer Sonar and GPS.

But we're working on improve our Board this is the result of our work :

Mukltipilot32 "Build your Dreams" BYD support some upgrade the main is that can use two micro controller :

Stm32F103 72 Mhz 512 K flas 64 K ram or new revision of this micro STM32F205 , this is the first board available on the market that support this powerfull micro 120 Mhz  1 mega of flash and 128 kbyte ram.

You can reserve your sample and join us to port library and ACopter firmware on it. In the next week will be available a limit serie of board with 32F205 , for more info about this micro this is the link :

For more info contact me at :


On the board there is a new micro but also a secret pod :)



We change the position of SD card and now it use SDIO bus not SPI , more powerfull with dma and parallel bus.



On the board there are some pad with Label DON'T TOUCH , with this pad is possible to setup for STM32F103 or STM32F205 micro controller.



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