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Dear Friends,

yesterday we start to delivery the VR Brain Micro 5 pre order. Thanks to all guys that join the preorder in last month . I think that the first user start to receive it in the next days . We are working to update the wiki with the updates for quick start FAQ for use our new board.

The info will be update in the next hours on : 

If you need support write down in this blog post.



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In this video you can see the first fly review of VRBrain micro 5.0 

In this test you can see the great quality of new magnetometer and gps . Emile doing an automatic fly . Set by VR Pad Station 3 waypoint , the last is an RTL . The drone take off from Emile's hand then land exactly in same position :) Emile don't move from his position during all the automatic fly test :)

Dear Friends,
I worked hard in recent weeks to test the new micro VRBrain 5.0
To test the card I used the frame I called our "Personal Robot SDK Fly" The configuration I used for testing and 'the following:

Frame VRX AV250 with Prop Guard
- Micro VRBrain 5
- VR GPS Ublox LEA 6
- 4 10 Amp ESC with Firmware SimonK
- 4 2400 KV Brushless Motors
- 4 Carbon Fiber Propeller dda 5 inches.
- 1 Battery 2200 Mah
- Receiver Futaba SBUS R7008 SB.
- Transmitter T14SG.

During the tests I carried out flight tests and reliability in a stable manner. I flew in different boundary conditions without having any kind of reliability problem. I made flights in both indoor and outdoor.

End the tests with flight manual I started  the automated flight test . The GPS took our new GPS  VR GPS uBlox LEA6, the main feature of this GPS and 'to have on board the new sensor HMC 5983 with automatic temperature compensation and more accuracy and immunity to electromagnetic interference.

In the tests we performed automated test of loiter mode, hybrid loiter, return to home and  waypoint navigation.

Given the excellent results of the tests we have decided to close this firmware revision of the first software will be installed on the cards that will come over the next week.

More info about the components of the test are available here:

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In this video is possible to see the position of main airport in the silicon valley with 4 miles of buffer around the position of airport. Our idea is to activate an a default automatic function that when the user try to fly in that area activate immediatly a landing failsafe procededure . 


VR Pad Station is an app that turns your Android smartphone or your pad into a ground station combined with a powerful digital remote control radio for use with your RC model or with your drone. 
Is designed to be used on Rover, Airplane or Drones for hobby and professional use. It 's a project dynamic and evolving based on feedback from users of our community:
It use mavlink 1.0 and support the firmware APM Copter , Plane and Rover

The current version is a preview suitable only for BETA testing use it carefully.
Use VR Radio only with the simulator, until new updates. This software is a valid alternative at DroidPlanner or Andropilot application. Developed inside VR Lab by Virtualrobotix community.

Version 2.0.5

- Added radio calibration in GCS settings;
- Added airports locations on map, in an area of 100km from user/drone position, activated from map settings;
- Fixed minor bugs;

Version 2.0.4

- Corrected gimbal settings layout on smartphones
- Added waypoint commands
- Long click on a waypoint in the list opens an editing dialog
- Option for setting the zoom when auto-pan is enabled
- Added option during the generation of polygon for set the altitude
- Added, where available, range/units/values of parameters
- 3D map in some areas with normal map type
- Now you can interact with map in the VR Radio, if RC override is not enabled
- Fixed an error in VR Radio where the channels goes directly from RC_MIN to RC_MAX
- Added failsafe and sensors status into HUD
- Added HDOP indication in the action bar

In the new revision 2.0.3 is available

  • A new info bar with a lot of usefull information battery level , gps status , active mode .
  • A new follow me standard mode .
  • Only one connection for different application.
  • Parameter setup for gimbal.
  • New configuration option pannel .
  • New advanced user interface compatible not only with PAD but also with Smartphone android device.
  • A early revision of VR Glass Station a special revision that work on Google Glass device.

We are work in progress with some advanced features as Special follow me mode , Fligh log book and VR Gimbal integration.

The App is compatible with APM Copter , Plane and Rover.

Inside the community could be possible discuss directly with developer about the new request feature .

Join us in beta testing this is the direct link to google store :

 Google Community Group for manage the beta testing of VR Pad Station continue to join new member  this is the link :

This is the official Virtual Robotix Discussion group about VR PAD Station 2.0.3 :

Feedback about our application are welcome ... :) In the next week we intend improve a lot the application with new feature under development.



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Dear Friends,

02 / 06 / 2014 

After one month of work the stable firmware for VRBrain micro is ready . We fly a lot in manual and automatic , we are preparing a video and specific blog post about VRX250 the drone platform using for doing test on VRBrain micro  5 all work fine and we are happy to have a good revision of code for user that join us in pre order campaign . We start to deliver first batch of boards in 2 weeks . The good news is that now is possible to upload the firmware to VR Brain micro 5 using standard Mission Planner application. Thanks to Michael and all VR Lab team for doing a good Job around this task.

09 / 05 / 2014

today we finish to test first prototype of micro brain , this is the video of first power on , all work fine , we check all onboard sensor : IMU , BAROMETER  . Check eeprom for parameter storage and SD card. Serial port , and usb interface . All work fine :) Check also new bootloader and our mission planner fork with VRBrain support all work perfect . Diego our Electronic Designer doing a great work no error until now :)

Finish the test of all subsystem : Magnetomer , GPS , RC IN PPMSUM and RC OUT and all work fine . See the video .

These are the specification : 

CPU STM32F4 VR OS based on NuttX kernel 7.1 

1 EEPROM or FRAM device for parameter storage. 


MSIC Barometer 10 cm resolution.  

8 PPM Radio RC Input .

8 PWM ESC - SERVO Output.

1 SBUS Radio Input compatible with Futaba SBUS and Spektrum ,too

1 SBUS Servo Output.

SD Card Reader until 64 Gbyte.


2 LED Output 

1 Buzzer Output 

On board telemetry module availabe at 433 / 868 mhz. (option) 

connector for external 3DR/VR GPS + MAGNETOMETER

dimension : 3.2 x 3.2 .

weight : 10 gr


Price is 99 euro the board pre order is open the mass production start in 1 week when finish the test of first production batch .

more info about status of the product  on the store:

APM Copter , Plane , Rover Firmware available and fully tested by our devteam.

official blog post :

for more info send a mail to



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