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This is the english translation of original Blog Post of Giuseppe D'Angelo for our international member

Hello everyone,

I joined this community, although I'm not sure how it works ... Forgive me if I make a few CZ! ;-)

However, I would make a small contribution with my modest experience.

Few years back, going on holiday by car, I was in the queue under the blazing sun,

I triggered the inspiration of the bird!

The quads were in their infancy, someone dared to put together some gyroscope, others deviated towards a sedge .... All very fascinating to me that I was starting my modeling career!

By trade I've always done and the technician AF, but micro-mechanics and electronics has always captured my attention.

On that hot July day, I called the phone my friend John, a veteran model maker, brilliant mind with notions of physical, take the first question ... why quads are so clumsy and unstable? Analyzing the characteristics attributed to all gyroscopes and especially latency in the correction of attitude, due to inertia of the engine block / helix.

How to improve this ... a quad variable pitch?, Yes ..

Leaving constant speed could vary the pace, to correct not expect the rotors take turns, but already had the motor system, it had a reserve of energy "Ready" to be converted by the variable pitch propellers, so everything is spinning as oil, in fact you could only use one engine for propulsion, with all the benefits that could arise.

Doing the math with the rotations and couples began the first problems that rose when they entered the game blends ... The project was aborted at birth ....

In the days that followed, and by re-quadricottero by the variable pitch did not want to abandon my mind and slowly, were overcome all the dark sides were holding at least theoretically grounded quad.

Resolved, though with reservations to check later, all the mechanical problems related to the management, I decided to try! By investing time and money in building a simulacrum, to test the theory.

I began to jot down some notes on building and designing the various parts of the main building, starting with the gearbox, which is the reduction and reversal of rotation

I tried to minimize costs, partly because there were those doubts fugabili unfortunately only with a test-fly ...

Earlier this year, and ... ready Mechanics, powered by two electric motors ... the missing pilot.

I started a new adventure for someone to make me a dedicated software for my maxi-quadricottero!


4 propellers of 70 cm each propeller can be used up to 120 cm.

Dimensions: 2.50 x 2.50 m

Power supply: 12s Lipo

2 total engine power: 4400 W

Weight 6.5 kg take-off

Many people are frightened when he saw the car waiting just a bit of software, a project without a doubt very challenging but not impossible, I bought a bit of hardware and systems development, in despair, I tried the DIY, but obviously not programmer and 45 years can not be learned, including a trial period, the quad has been hung up for about two years, until I came across a forum, and in some RedFox ... The name did not inspire much confidence, but after all, I decided I felt too.

Contrary to his nickname Roberto, for me, is a nice person, very friendly, competent and humane!

There was now a certain feeling, and together in a few weeks, we have developed a hardware capable of driving my car, since then I baptized HG3.

Few tests are enough to understand that he could fly, and after the third try here are the results.

One of the tests

HG3 Willy

HG3 served to test my project and the control board, now left the table to be hung on a nail, giving way to his successor HG3.2

About HG3 find info here.

HG3.2 is a machine designed to "raise weight and experience other sources of propulsion ...


For now

Giuseppe D'Angelo


HG3 the era of quad variable pitch has begun!
Hello everyone,
in this video you can see the first pre-flight testing on the new HG3.2 the Multicopter has the following features:
Created by Joseph D'Angelo
Hardware and firmware development: Roberto Navoni
Electronic Edge: Ardubotix 1.0A (Multipilot)
Wheelbase: 1.65 m
Maximum dimensions: 2.60 x 2.60 m
V2 Version: hybrid
Electric Motor: Hacker A60
Petrol Engine: Zenoah
Blades: SAB Composite
Frame: DIY
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Let's rock !

Let's rock !
It's time to start my first Quad build.

But before... i would like to really thanks Roberto for his helpfulness and his amazing work. Thanks my friend.

I'm a newbie in RC world, so my first step was to buy motors, ESC, batteries, charger and so on..
I'm waiting for that stuff orderer online, so at the moment my job is working on code to try to understand how it works.

My first project is based on Aeroquad firmware with Wii IMU and Arduino Mega (i already have that in my garage, so no reason to buy new stuff for the moment).

I modified last SVN release of Aeroquad 2.0 (R413) because it was not possible to build it with WiiIMU configuration.

I'm using Eclipse IDE to work on Arduino code.. few lines of code changed in main Aeroquad.pde file and i can use a real IDE to build code and upload it to Mega. Lol :)

I added this at the beginning :

// IDE Configuration

and this before setup() :

// List of addition files
#include "FlightCommand.pde"
#include "FlightControl.pde"
#include "Sensors.pde"
#include "SerialCom.pde"

// This code is required if the project is being built under Eclipse
extern "C" void __cxa_pure_virtual() {
for (;;);

int main(void) {
/* Must call init for arduino to work properly */
for (;;) {
} // end for
} // end main

It's very simple to switch between Arduino IDE and Eclipse IDE.. simply changing one #define.

A proposal to Roberto (probably to be forwarded to Aeroquad / Arducopter team guys) : why don't officially support Eclipse IDE in their projects ?

Congratulations to FoxTeam members for their amazing jobs.


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First Flight of Hexafox_v2 that using the new revision of Arducopter Firmware developed by Ted , Jose and me.

In this video I need to optimize the setup of PID on YAW and is not active the magnetometer.
Today I'm doing the test with magnetometer and I saw that I haven't drift on YAW . In this video I'm using Multipilot Board without Multisensor.
We're ready to start the test on GPS hold function.
The last version of firmware ... flyable is avaible on multipilot repo.

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Hi Team,

in this days I'm working to patch the AQ 2.0 firmware to support MultiPilot Board.

So I add :

  • I2C ESC.
  • Mixertable with Hexa Coax configuration that support different Gas configuration on Up and down motors.
  • Serial PPM in 1 wire until 12 channel

Some Patch on original firmware because in not yet ready :) So I'm in contact with mirko to solve some small bugs :)

The source code is available here :



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Hello Team,
in these days I'm working to implement the patch for Aeroquad 2.0 firmware. I choose to work on this kind of firmware because is written in C++ and is compatible with Arduino Framework .
Mirko are doing a good work in Arducopter FW , too
Now I'm implemented on it :
  • Support of MP Gyro.
  • Support of MP Acc.
  • Serial PPM radio input.
  • Now I'm working on I2C ESC and Mixertable for Hexafox Support.
This kind of firmware is good for newbye with support of mixertable is possible to implemente quad , hexa , okto ecc.
I would implement in mixertable the ability to support tricopter , variable pitch quad and hybrid configuration.
This kind of firmware support AeroquadConfigurator 2.4 so is more simple to try to setup your quad and doing pre flight check.

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